Guiding Principles

  1. So-called Ancillary Benefits, while not as top-of mind for employees as medical, prescription drugs and retirement benefits, are very important to employees and are a staple for employees’ financial wellness.

  1. Employers, carriers and TPAs can and should work in partnership for the benefit of employees.  It doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, a battle.  Everyone has a valuable and important role to play.  And the ultimate goal is to help employees and beneficiaries, the end users of the products in our business.

  1. Employers decide the benefits they want to provide, in accordance with their overall compensation strategy.  Carriers and TPAs provide the insurance and administrative products and services to meet the needs of employers.  Each part of this equation (employers, carriers and TPAs) has its own constituents, desires and constraints.  If everyone works together in good faith and with an open mind, virtually all problems can be solved.

  1. Census x Plan Design = Plan Experience.  Over the long-term, positive or negative benefit plan experience is driven by the employees who have the benefits (the census) and the design of those benefits (plan design).  At any point in time though, outside events can and will introduce variability.

  1. Work is more fun when you’re curious and you keep it light.  Let’s try to learn new things and enjoy ourselves!